Hi! My name is Kerri Boehm. If you’re reading this, that hopefully means I’ll be working with you soon. I’ve been a professional editor since 2015 and have edited dozens of novels for some very happy authors. I’ve been an avid reader and writer for years. Paranormal romance is my favorite genre to read, although I will never turn away a book, with the exception of BDSM material.

Editing for others brings me immense joy. I’m not just saying I love my job for the sake of getting your business. I really do love my job! Aside from all the hassle that comes with hiring employees, the main reason I don’t want to hire employees for my company is because I don’t want to risk hiring someone who isn’t as passionate about this job as I am. I wouldn’t want to risk your manuscript getting sub-par editing because I made the mistake of hiring someone who sees this as merely a job. The authors I work for have entrusted me with their work, their dream. Editing is so much more than a job.

The editing job was well done, with ample notes regarding why and what I could do to improve the project. No, the wait was not long at all, it arrived a couple days before the expected date. It was easy to communicate and understand what she was saying through our chats and on the project paper. Very credible work and her knowledge increases the value of the project abundantly. Yes, I would work with her again, and I will when the need arises. Thanks for the great work!

Michael Evans

Writing a story can be hard work and a dream come true. A story is like a child, it becomes dear to your heart, and requires the proper attention and care to make it blossom into something beautiful. The process of allowing someone else to take the reigns of your baby is difficult, but Kerri made that process so pleasant! I have worked with editors before, but, I haven’t met anyone as kind, thoughtful, and understanding as Kerri. She was time sensitive, always kept me updated, and was flexible with different payment options! I love how she even had suggestions for me, simply not changing anything, and allowed me to see all the changes she made and why! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to take that next step in editing their writing! If I could give stars to rate her she would be a 10/10
-Rachel Greenebaum